Yin Jooga töötuba Laura Heikkinen’iga

27. jaan. 2024 13:00 - 27. jaan. 2024 15:00 Joogaruum, Ristiku 10

Oled oodatud Yin jooga tundi, mida viib läbi Laura Heikkinen, kellega viime üheskoos läbi aprillikuise Yin jooga õpetajate treeningu.

See päev on mõeldud kõigile yin jooga huvilistele aga ka kõigile teile, kes tunnete kutset ise õpetajatekoolituse läbi teha ja eelnevalt Lauraga kohtuda.
Töötuba kestab 2 tundi ja toimub inglise keeles.

How to live well and vital in winter? We invite you to Yin for Water & Winter – workshop to harmonize and nourish the body, support the immune system, and cultivate the inner wisdom. Join us to embrace the wintertime!
Winter is the time of year that is most Yin-like, as in the north it is cold, quiet, and dark. It is the time for slowing down, honouring the winter, doing less, and allowing ourselves to rest, restore and replenish.

WATER & WINTER. In Chinese Medicine winter is the season of the Water element, the most yin. The organs of the Water are the kidneys and the urinary bladder.
Kidneys are our batteries, the gate of vitality and the source of our vital energy. When they are depleted, we feel tired and like we’re running in empty.

SEASONAL YIN. With seasonal yin, we can harmonize ourselves with the nature. Seasonal yin supports the organs and the immune system. The nourishing and gentle yin sequences have been chosen to honour for the Water element and enhance vitality. By harmonizing ourselves with the seasons we can stay healthy and balance body and mind.

NO FEAR. The Water element is related to the emotion of fear when it is out of balance. When the emotions are balanced, we feel safe, trustful, alive, and full of inner wisdom and willpower. With mindful Yin we can work with our emotions to understand the reasons for our fears and create the feeling of safe with kindness and compassion.

WHAT IS YIN? Yin is slow, gentle, mindful, and functional yoga practice with long held postures targeted to hips, pelvis, spine, and lower body. Long postures and conscious breath work to nurture the connective tissues and the organs. The practice stimulates and opens the meridians, the pathways for Qi, life energy, connected to the organs, and let the Qi-energy to run freely in the body. Yin also offers an opportunity to stop, heal, and work with mind and emotions.

TIME: Saturday, the 27th of January at 13-15
PLACE: Joogaruum, Ristiku 10, 2 floor, Tallinn
FEE: 30 euros
BOOKINGS: info@zenstudiomalaga.com
TO WHOM: Suits for all

HOW & WHAT? We will practice two hours of mindful, gentle yin for the Water element to support the kidneys, nourish and rejuvenate the body and enhance overall vitality in the wintertime.
This workshop offers a beautiful moment to slow down, pause and heal. It allows us to listen the inner wisdom and create wholesome willpower.
We talk about the proper diet that supports the body and the kidneys in the winter.
We finish with mindful meditation, and long savasana. You leave the practice full of warming energy, flowing vitality, and healthy willpower!

Warmly welcome to honour the winter and the Water element with healing Yin!

TEACHER: Laura Heikkinen (E-RYT200 Hatha, RYT300 Yin & Fascia, YACEP) is an international yoga teacher specialized in Yin Yoga Teacher Training.
She focuses on Yin, Yin&Yang, Hatha, Traditional Chinese medicine, Buddhism, and meditation. Laura has been practicing yoga and meditation around the world since 1995. She has been teaching yoga in Finland, China, and Spain. She lives nowadays in between Helsinki and Málaga, where she based Zen Studio to offer yoga services globally.
More info: zenstudiomalaga.com/aboutlaura/

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NOTE: YIN Yoga Teacher Training is coming to Joogaruum on the 5.-7.4.2024. More info and the event will be published soon!

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