Eveline Vente

For a long time, I thought that yoga was about being superflexible and ultrastrong. Every class I beat myself up for not being the best. I pushed and pushed and pushed myself. Obviously, it didn’t help to hold the poses longer, to bend deeper, or to stretch my limbs further. On the contrary…

I would love to say that I had an illuminating moment, a vision, a life changing experience, that made me see that I am perfect just as I am. But I didn’t. It took me quite the while to learn to accept myself. And I’m still on that journey. But despite the long process, there were lots of little enlightening moments along the way. Many of those were when doing yoga. Little by little, I started to give in. To accept. To appreciate, even. And then: to enjoy.

Yoga has taught me power. Not in the typical sense of physical strength, although, of course… Thanks to yoga, my body has become stronger, too. But that’s not the point. What yoga has truly given me, is the power to be myself. The real power. The power to find the love, courage, wisdom, peace, balance, and faith it takes to be me. To allow myself to be… Me.

I love how yoga (on the mat) shows me how I’m doing (off the mat). When I keep losing my balance, I know I’m unfocused. When I am hard on myself, it’s time to take a step back. When everything flows just right, I am exactly that: just right.

My favorite pose is tadasana, mountain pose. This simple-yet-not-so-simple pose brings me back to me, wherever I am. It’s the perfect representation of life: when we take the time to establish ourselves, we stand stronger. It also symbolizes that life has highs and lows. One day you’re up, the next you’re down. But there’s always an up again. Just like there will be a down again. They’re part of life. Of my life, at least. And that’s okay. In fact… I’d say it’s perfect.

Will you let yoga show you the power in you, too?