Emma Nyström

I’m here to share a bit of my journey and how yoga unexpectedly wove its way into my life. In the whirlwind of significant life changes and a non-stop busy rhythm, I found myself lost. My workouts were high-intensity, and demanding. My body, once my ally, couldn’t handle the constant push from all directions. It was a path moving further away from the desired direction, a path where survival was the sole focus.

My first contact was through Acroyoga. An exciting fusion of fun, playfulness, positive vibes, connection, and community. As enjoyable as it was, I felt I needed something more, something different. Somehow I found my way to Joogaruum for a Yin class. A turning point arrived, there was no turning back. It felt like healing, something I have longed for, soothing body, mind, and soul. A gentle whisper, inviting me to slow down, to breathe, and just be. At first, it felt very unfamiliar, the departure from the high-octane routines that once defined my days and also me. But as I learned to wind down and look within, I discovered a sanctuary within myself.

Yoga became my compass, guiding me through the storm of life. The yoga community, like my newfound family, provided the support and warmth I longed for. Unrolling that yoga mat became an adventure, uncovering the depths within. This is my ongoing journey of self-discovery. Yoga became soul-soothing, uplifting every aspect of who I am, all the while calling me to challenge myself, nurture, and grow.

Yoga grew on me and the real magic happened when it transformed from a practice into a lifestyle. Yin peels off layers, opens up, and removes blocks. Vinyasa keeps my body resilient and strong, maintaining focus and allowing space for play. It’s all about being present in my body, observing, making space, and surrendering.

My favourite pose is bakasana (crow pose). It stands as a crossroad, inviting opportunities for growth to sprout in the most unexpected and surprising directions. Finding balance and strength from within, while staying rooted through the hands planted to the earth. Bakasana serves as a reminder that growth often comes from embracing challenges with a centered and open mindset. For me, bakasana embodies a philosophy of embracing the unknown, facing challenges head-on, and allowing the unexpected to unfold.

Yoga is not just a practice, it’s a way of living authentically and connecting with others. But most importantly, connecting with myself. It’s the best medicine for a flexible body and a flexible mind.

Meet you on the mat!